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The best ice-cream shops in Trieste

February 13, 2022

In view of the summer season and the hot days, one of the most consumed foods to cool down is the ice cream. Artisan or packaged, with fruit or cream, in a cone or in a cup, it is impossible to do without. During the hottest days it will always be time for a break accompanied by a good ice cream!

Among the ice cream parlors in Friuli Venezia Giulia selected and awarded by the famous “Gambero Rosso guide”, 4 are those located in Trieste and which can guarantee you the flavor, originality, creaminess and goodness of your walking ice cream while visiting the city. 

The best ice cream parlors are assigned cones and they range from 1 to 3, as like Michelin stars for restaurants.

And if you are in Trieste, where can you taste the best homemade ice cream? Discover the list of the best award-winning ice cream parlors in the area.

Gelateria Zampolli / Zampolli Ice Cream shop

The historic and recognized Ice-cream shop Zampolli obtained 1 cone from the “Gambero Rosso guide” and was selected among the best in Trieste.

There are many varieties of tastes: the great classics are never lacking and for the most undecided there are also mixes of tastes. There are many seasonal variations and  many lactose-free flavors. 

zampolli ice cream shop trieste
– Trieste, Gelateria Zampolli

Where to find it: Trieste – Via Ghega,10
Opening time: 9am – 1am (Wednesday closed)

Gelateria Oggi / Oggi Ice-cream shop

In italian the word oggi means today but for this particular ice-cream shop, Oggi is also the acronym of Officina Gelato Gusto Italiano (Laboratory Taste of Italian Ice Cream). The will of the founder Carmelo Chiaramida was to create an ice-cream shop which laboratory was visible in order to be able to clearly notice the processing of  it and the smell of the natural products used. 

Many of the raw materials come from farmers and breeders belonging to the “Campagna Amica” network. They are very attentive to the choice of the final consumer, in order to always offer the quality of the ice cream with fresh and selected products for an extremely creamy result. Thanks to the offer of refined and seasonal flavors with particular attention to local products, they were awarded 2 cones from the “Gambero Rosso guide”.

oggi ice cream shop trieste
– Trieste, Gelateria Oggi

Where to find it: Trieste – Via Cesare Battisti, 13
Opening time: 11am – 10pm (Wednesday closed)

Gelateria Jazzin / Jazzin Ice-cream shop

A few steps from Unità d’Italia Square, the ice-cream shop Jazzin wins 1 cone in the “Gambero Rosso guide”. An award recognized for the delicacy of the ice cream and the vast choice: ice cream sticks covered with Valrhona chocolate, biscuits filled with ice cream, pralines, granitas, sorbets and finally the Jazzini, tasty popsicles made up of 75% fresh fruit. Lactose-free ice cream flavors are also available. If you are nearby in the evening I suggest you the delicious AfterDinner, fruit cups with a combination of different types of toppings.

jazzin ice cream trieste
– Trieste, Gelateria Jazzin

Where to find it: Trieste – Via del Mercato Vecchio,1
Opening time: 11am – 12am (Monday closed)

Gelateria Soban / Soban Ice-cream shop

2 cones confirmed by the “Gambero Rosso guide” for Chiara Soban’s small and welcoming ice cream boutique. They make ice-cream based cake (called semifreddi) and  granitas. (even alcoholic!) They have a proposal of ice cream flavors with gluten-free local ingredients. The choice is limited but varies continuously, from classic tastes to more original ones with particular attention to seasonal and local products. Creativity and passion are the keys to the goodness and creaminess of the ice cream that is produced. 

Soban ice-cream boutique also produces delicacies such as biscuits, sweet spreads, panettone and typical sweets of Trieste with a special consideration for  vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free customers.

soban ice cream trieste
– Trieste, Gelateria Soban

Where to find it: Trieste – Via Marco Tullio Cicerone, 10
Opening time: 11am – 7pm (Sunday closed)

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