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This website uses cookies to collect data for statistical purposes through third party services. In this cookie policy, reference will be made only and exclusively to the data collected by third party services integrated on For information on the collection and processing of data collected directly by MyTourTrieste, please refer to the privacy policy of the website

Data controllers of the cookie collected data

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Types of data collected by cookies

In addition to the data collected directly from the website, whose processing methods can be easily consulted on the privacy policy page, some personal data of users are collected on this website through tracking technologies called cookies.
MyTourTrieste uses the data in question for statistical and measurement purposes only in order to monitor the performance and interactions of the website. The purpose and processing methods of the data collected by the aforementioned data controllers are specified in their respective privacy policies listed below.

If the user decides not to give consent to the processing of data, it is possible that the website service requested by the user may not perform correctly.

The main data collected include: anonymized IP addresses, events generated by the user on the site (by way of example and not limited to: clicks, sending data from a form, position), session start and duration, data relating to the technology used for the navigation (by way of example and not limited to: user agent, operating system, type of device, display size).

All data is anonymized in compliance with the privacy law and it is in no way possible to trace the identity of users through the analysis of the data collected.

Below are the privacy policies of the data controllers of the data collected by the cookies on the website

The methods, place and purposes of the processing of the collected data are specified in the privacy policies of the companies that own the cookies on the website

What cookies are

Cookies are small code segments that are part of the website and that are downloaded and executed by the user’s browser when visiting the website and / or interacting with it. This data is then stored for a well-defined period of time in files contained within the directories of your browser or in the browser itself. The same data can be shared with third-party service providers as well as the companies that process the data collected by the cookies.

Which cookies are used on


This website uses pre-set cookies by WordPress in order to collect anonymous statistical data on the use and performance of the website in relation to the WordPress content management platform.
It is possible that the WordPress’ pre-set cookies do collect data relating to the website visitor’s system anonymously and for the purpose of detecting any operating errors in any log files in order to improve the browsing experience.

WordPress may also collect user’s data and use / share them with other third party services for marketing and commercial purposes as stated in their privacy policy.


Cookies are used on this website in order to monitor website traffic, collect data on the geographical locations from which users come and on their demographic data, on their interactions with the elements of the site, on the duration of their session, on the number of the pages they browse, their landing channel to the site (search engines, direct links, referrals) and more generally on their behavior on the website

All the collected data do not provide to the owners of individually accurate information about the users but rather a general overview of the website’s progress. Furthermore, the information collected is all anonymized and does not allow to trace the user’s real identity.

Google collects and shares the information of users browsing MyTourTrieste with third parties for statistical, marketing and commercial purposes as indicated in their privacy policy. In particular, if the active user on MyTourTrieste has logged in to his Google account or is in some way using Google’s related technology to navigate the site, the remarketing functions will associate the User ID with the data collected by Google’s pre-set cookies.


This website uses pre-set cookies by FreePrivacyPolicy in order to detect the user’s consent regarding the processing of personal data and the collection of his data from tracking tools (cookies).

If the user is on his / her first visit to the website or his / her previously given consent has expired or has been revoked, the user will be informed since the very first moment about the use of cookies on the website through the cookie consent banner that it will appear in overlay.

Definitions and legal references and further information

For more information on the personal data processing, definitions and legal references on the terms used in this cookie policy, the user is invited to consult the privacy policy section of the website.

Cookie policy changes

The owners of the website or those appointed by them reserve the right to make changes to this cookie policy where they deem it necessary in order to inform the user about the correct use and correct collection of his navigation and / or personal data.

19th May 2022