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Astronomical shooting experience in Trieste

Duration: 4 hours
Participants: no limits
Transfer included: Yes
Meeting point:
Pick-up service is included. Address will be agreed with the host.


Book now, pay later

Price table
Price per person. The experience could be shared with other attendees who have booked for the same date.
Private group (from 1 to 4 participants)
Fixed price. The experience is dedicated only to the participants who make the reservation, whether they are 1 person or 4.
Large group (more than 4 participants)
Fixed price + € 10 for each participant over 4 people. Since the included transfer is designed for a maximum of 4 people, it is necessary to have a vehicle.

90€/group + 10€/person**from the 5th partecipant

Activity description

Take part in an unforgettable experience under the starry sky. Simone, a professional photographer with a strong passion for astronomy, will take you to discover the starry sky in Slovenia during the dusk. A magical place outside the chaos of the city and light pollution to create an unforgettable photo shoot. The cosmos offers unlimited possibilities of shooting composition and with Simone you can give free space to your creativity for immortalize exclusive and once in a life time moments. The experience involves delivering three photos of the couple/group within seven days in high-resolution JPEG format via Google Drive or your favorite digital services. In addition Simone will send you a slideshow on everything you need to know about night photography.

Note: The activity takes place on a plateau of 700 meters above sea level: warm clothing is recommended. The activity may be canceled due to bad weather or full moon with at least 12 hours' notice.

Experience includes:
  • Water
  • Head torch
  • Laser pointer
  • Hot Tea


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